Refugees deserve fair and humane treatment



The issue of immigration and refugee claimant has been a heated debate over the years. The recent years have seen a surge in the number of refugees seeking protection and asylum. With this number increasing by the day, it has become imperative to consider the plight of refugees and how they are treated. Refugees are human beings fleeing wars, persecution, and natural disasters. They deserve fair and humane treatment, just like every other human being, irrespective of their nationality, race, or ethnicity.

Why Refugees Deserve Fair and Humane Treatment

Refugees are individuals who seek protection in a foreign land, away from their home country, due to fear of persecution, wars, or natural disasters. The journey to a foreign country is usually a dangerous one, with many risks involved. They journey across waters, mountains, and rough terrains in search of safety and protection. Upon arrival, they face challenges such as language barriers, cultural differences, and economic hardships. Refugee claimants must be granted access and mobility, with complete rights and freedom to live and work without fear of harassment or discrimination.

The Importance of Human Rights for Refugee Claimants

Human rights are a basic right for every individual, irrespective of their nationality, race or ethnicity. Refugees are vulnerable individuals fleeing their home countries in search of safety and protection. Among their human rights is the right to life, liberty, and security of person. Other human rights include the right to education, access to medical services, and freedom from torture and inhumane treatment. As such, refugees are deserving of these rights and must be granted them in a fair and humane manner.

Refugees and their Contributions to Societies

Refugees have contributed to the economies and societies in their host countries in numerous ways. They bring in diverse cultures, expertise and skills to their new homes, and contribute significantly to the growth and development of these countries. Several refugees have become successful entrepreneurs, workers, and contributors to their new communities. Therefore, when refugees are given fair and humane treatment, they become productive members of their host countries’ societies.


In conclusion, refugees are human beings and, as such, deserving of fair and humane treatment. Governments, civil society organizations, and individuals must work together to ensure that the rights of refugees are protected, and their dignity is upheld. Every individual has a part to play in ensuring that refugees get the necessary support and assistance they need to restart their lives in their new homes. Only then can refugees receive the fair and humane treatment they deserve.