Saying ‘I Do’ to a Spouse Visa: Don’t Let Immigration Law Tear You Apart



Finding love is a beautiful thing, but when one’s partner is from a different country, immigration laws can tear them apart. The Canadian government empathizes with couples and families. Therefore, they have created spousal sponsorships, which permit spouses or common-law partners of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to come and join them. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about spousal sponsorships and how they can help reunite you with your loved one.

What is a Spousal Sponsorship?

A spousal or common-law partner sponsorship is a process that enables permanent residents or Canadian citizens to bring their spouses or partners to live with them in Canada. The couple needs to prove their relationship is genuine and that the foreign spouse is not inadmissible, for example, due to a criminal or medical history. A considerable advantage of this visa is that both same-sex marriages and common-law partnerships are recognized by the Canadian immigration authorities.

Eligibility for a Spousal Sponsorship

To apply for this visa, the sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. If the sponsor is a Canadian citizen living abroad, they’ll be subject to an interview process at the Canadian Consulate. If the sponsor is a permanent resident, they must have a residence in Canada. In both cases, the sponsors must have a clean criminal record.

The foreign spouse is required to pass both medical and security clearance, which involves undergoing an extensive background check. Moreover, the couple should have adequate financial resources to support themselves without resorting to Canadian public funds.

The Application Process

To apply for a spouse or common-law partner sponsorship, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident needs to fill in the form and among other documents, necessary proof of the relationship. Documentation could include proof of a shared residential address or couples’ photographs, and other relationship information demonstrating how the couple depended on each other emotionally, financially, and practically. Before submitting the application, be sure it’s complete, all the required documents have been provided, and with the processing fees paid. Upon submission, the immigration authorities will review your application, and if approved, the applicant is granted a visa.

The Benefits of a Spousal Sponsorship

The primary benefit of the visa is that it permits families to stay together and not be separated by citizenship issues. Additionally, successful applicants of spousal sponsorships could travel and work in Canada immediately. Foreign spouses of Canadian citizens or permanent residents can secure a work permit in Canada, which wouldn’t require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This is a significant plus as it provides the necessary flexibility the family needs without any hassles or undue stress.


In conclusion, applying for a spousal or common-law visa partner can be an intensive process. However, for couples who wish to stay together despite living in different countries, it is an excellent option. The advantages of this visa, including the ability to be together, obtain employment, and eventually become a Canadian citizen, make it worth the effort. Besides, with patience and the required documentation provided, nothing will stop you from reuniting with your partner. Saying ‘I Do’ to a Spouse Visa is one way to ensure that love wins over long-distance or citizenship issues.